The Outer Edges 24.09.13

Rich and I went to a Q&A screening of Karl Hyde and Kieran Evan’s film The Outer Edges at the town cinema last night. The film takes a journey along the river Roding, around east London’s outer edges. Woodford, Purfleet, Tilbury, Dagenham, Barking – talking to allotment gardeners, body builders, boxers, amateur historians, bird watchers, club singers and market traders. These characters seem at odds with the often down-on-its-luck environment and a pattern of defiance in the face of undeniable adversity starts to emerge. A “can do”, or “life’s what you make it” attitude that cuts across age, sex and race. The history of these less obvious places is long and rich but has been forgotten, or perhaps ignored. Sub-tribes, their cultures and heritage are being celebrated and preserved at the grass-roots level. Beautiful soundtrack re-worked from Karl Hyde’s Edgeland album.