Darbyshire, Rickett, Parsons and Barateiro at Kettle’s Yard 11.10.13

A Way of Life – Matthew Darbyshire

A good time to see Matthew Darbyshire’s installation covering the windows at Kettle’s Yard is during evening traffic as bikes and cars stream past, stop at the traffic lights, queue for a few minutes before moving on. He has designed a series of lifestyle magazine covers inspired by the collection and “in homage to Jim Ede”, the gallery founder. The images offer a “make-over” vision of the gallery poking fun at industry generated seasonal ideas of “taste” and “style” – a direct contrast to Ede’s highly considered and selective approach to the house and collection which owes as much to found objects as it does to the purchase of art works.

Objects in the Field – Sophy Rickett

A series of large-scale photographs inspired by negatives created using Dr Roderick Willstrop’s Three Mirror Telescope. Rickett met Willstrop while working as an associate artist at the University’s Institute of Astronomy. A film of the retired Dr Willstrop grinding a lens for his telescope at home in his shed is also on display. Below Rickett with Dr Willstrop at the opening.

Painted Objects – Vicken Parsons

Yesterday I saw the gallery director Andrew Nairne give An Introduction to Vicken Parsons. Parsons is the wife of Antony Gormley, which shouldn’t make a difference but inevitably it does, if only for the contrast in scale. Parsons creates small paintings of landscapes and architectural spaces using thin layers of oil on board. Her new sculptures are paint covered groupings of milled metal blocks, displayed on a series of carefully positioned plinths inside a stripped out St Peter’s Church. More of Parsons’ work will be displayed in the house next year.

We Belong to the People When We’re Outside – Pedro Barateiro

A film taking two objects as its starting point – a letter from Constantin Brancusi and a painting called “Composition” by Maria Helena Vieira da Silva. tbc…