The Myth of Control

The Myth of Control is a short-form television series about a diverse group of friends locked down during a global pandemic. Created entirely during the 2020 Covid lockdown by a 70 strong production team working remotely in 23 cities around the world. 

Apropos- worked with project creators Mikail Chowdhury and Sana Soni to design promotional artwork and and screen title elements.

Created by LDNO Productions, the cast includes Fay Hauser, Doris Morgado, Chrystee Pharris, Jonah Aimz, John Palladino, Nawal Bengholam, Stephanie Nogueras and Natasha Ofili (full credits at The team have pioneered remote production methods contributing to an industry panel discussion at this year’s Raindance Film Festival.

‘The Myth of Control is a short form episodic series created and produced by a global community of creatives who came together at the beginning of the pandemic to produce a piece of work that reflects the strange reality we all suddenly find ourselves in.’

Episode 3 was also re-cut as Aimee Victoria, a stand-alone film shown on the independent movie festival circuit. For more behind the scenes images and news follow @themythofcontrol