The Multi

The Multi is a film written by and starring American actress Natasha Ofili (Netflix: The Politician, Amazon Originals: Undone, Marvel: Spiderman Mile Morales), directed by Mikail Chowdhury and Storm Smith. 

The Multi was produced semi-remotely with a majority deaf cast and crew. A Black Deaf woman’s world is carefully ordered to keep her childhood trauma buried, until events release her inner demons and threaten to destroy her life.

We worked directly with Natasha’s team to create a series of posters and a typographic identity which was animated in the screen title sequence. We also designed the identity for Natasha’s production company NioVision. 

The Multi is currently touring international film festivals including Slamdance (Utah), Austin’s Capital City Black Film Festival, and Busting the Bias at the British Film Institute (London).

Natasha and Mikail during post screening Q&A session at the British Film Institute's 'Busting the Bias' season (London, Dec 2021)