Clarks Plus

Established in 1825 Clarks is one of the oldest footwear companies in the world. They are a truly international brand with offices in 35 countries selling more than 50 million pairs of shoes each year making Clarks the biggest everyday footwear brand in the world.

Clarks Plus* was designed to hi-light new technology increasing comfort around the sesamoid area of the foot. The feature currently appears in premium men’s, women’s and sports footwear.

Working directly with the marketing department at Clarks, we developed a logotype system with hi-lighter asterisk* iterations for each category, combined with a softened serif word mark. A modular system primarily designed for product use with potential for packaging, POS and environmental graphics. The asterisk symbols were combined to build a pattern that could be interpreted by product designers across a variety of styles – from high heals to leisure shoes, sandals and trainers.

“With Clarks Plus the challenge was to create a graphic device that could be applied to the Mens, Womens and Sports categories. A nuance in the design was needed that allowed us to differentiate between categories, but at the same time support one overall idea. The asterisk device was a simple and elegant solution to help signal the difference.” 
Roy Gardner, Group Director of Category Marketing at Clarks.

The project is covered in Creative Review and Design Week