Andy Holden – Bold Tendencies

Andy Holden is an artist whose work includes sculpture, installation, painting, music, performance, film and animation. In 2021, Bold Tendencies (the Peckham arts venue housed in a converted multi-storey car park) invited Andy to contribute to their summer sculpture programme – Arcadia.

In Praise of Folly was a huge cartoon boulder facade installed on top of Peckham Library, viewable from below in Peckham Square and as part of the London skyline as seen from Bold Tendencies’ rooftop sculpture garden. We worked with Andy to design an information lectern – Genealogy of Follies, a large graphic panel explaining Holden’s previous boulder installations.

Apropos- has also worked with Andy on his Bedford Creative Arts residency and BEANO: The Art of Breaking the Rules exhibition at Somerset House.

Photography: Andy Holden / Bold Tendencies


“Mimicking the precarious boulders of Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner, In Praise of Folly is an ominous incursion of the cartoon landscape into real-life urban spectacle, questioning distinctions of nature and artifice in the context of the governing laws that oversee our contemporary world. A telescope and lectern help contextualise the supernatural boulder within a broader history of the 'Genealogy of Follies'.”