Aid & Abet

Visual artists Sarah Evans and David Kefford work collectively as Aid & Abet to create artistic projects, that incorporate sculpture, drawing, moving image, live events, performance, and workshops.

Aid & Abet has a collaborative and participatory approach that enables groups to work together and explore everyday life through creative activity. Their projects make visible the artistic process and engage audiences in the ideas that fuel creative experimentation and cultural exploration. Their projects are centred around building relationships between artists, artworks and audiences therefore we consider them as ‘social sculptures’ contributing to the conversations that transform and shape our communities.

Apropos- has worked with Aid & Abet on a new identity applied to ELAN, their Cambridge studio and collaboration space and a new website We also contribute to off-site projects including ‘GRAVEL’ a collaborative show ending David and Sarah’s residency at the Eddington development’s public art programme in NW Cambridge. And most recently ‘Transitions in Time’, a year long residency at Peckover House in Wisbech, part of the Trust New Art programme.

In 2015 Cambridge based artists David Kefford and Sarah Evans (Aid & Abet) completed a year long residency at the NW Cambs Development at Gravel Hill. Apropos- collaborated with David and Sarah on a new publication which develops on their residency project The Soft Landscape. Originally conceived as a single edition hardback book, we later produced a zine style booklet for longer print run. The zine featured new collages made from the drawings, photographs and sculptures they created on site and included Edward Shepherd’s essay “The Constant Factor”, plus an introduction by NW Cambs Residency programme co-ordinator Maeve Polkinhorn.

ELAN (Experimental Local Area Network) is a new project space run by artist group Aid & Abet (David Kefford and Sarah Evans). Part of the CB1 development in Cambridge, ELAN is a studio, exhibition, performance and events venue. A hub for contemporary visual art, experimentation and creativity. 

Apropos- have been working collaboratively with David and Sarah to develop an identity for ELAN. A series of discussions, revisions, provocations and reactions have resulted in a minimised visual language. An industrial monospaced font paired with fluro pink/green colours and an irregular and wandering graphic line. The message is, we hope, inclusive and welcoming, provocative, ambitious and experimental… but most of all appropriate to the practice of the artists and their plans for ELAN, reflective of contemporary culture, whilst appealing to a broad demographic of local residents and the wider artistic community.

The identity has been applied to the exterior of the studio space (panels, door and window graphics) and a new website

Aid & Abet website design (built by Toolbox Digital)