WORK / PLAY 23.05.11

Apropos is ten years old and I’ve been looking for a way to commemorate our (my) spectacular (skin-of-the-teeth) rise to fame and success (small mention in CR once) – in fact I’ve been looking for so long we’re now eleven years old.

Luckily, back in February I watched a presentation by Ben Terrett of The Newspaper Club at the Guardian Hacks SXSW weekend. Newspaper Club offers customers a simple and affordable way to design and print their own newspaper using the spare capacity on tabloid presses. Choose any number of pages, any number of copies and whether to print colour or black and white. I designed ours using InDesign and uploaded a pdf but an online design tool called ARTHR is also available.

It is a simple and painless process. The website is written in plain English. Anne who answers the emails does just that – no need to chase by phone. Papers go to press every Tuesday and are delivered less than a week later. No problem. No drama.

Anyway, our 24 page colour newspaper is called WORK / PLAY. The first half contains examples of studio research, exhibition projects and articles from the studio blog; the second half covers professional commissions including work for Channel 4, Helly Hansen, Reebok, Musto, Faber and more. They will be sent to existing and potential clients and will also be available at our open studio weekends in June.

WORK/PLAY gets a mention on Howies’ Brainfood blog.