China Mug – #2nd Edition

This is the first in a series of homeware and gift products featuring the typography found on white village sign posts. Older signs are cast in steel, later versions rivet individual metal letters onto wooden posts. The signs are slowly disappearing – they are vandalised, buried in hedges, destroyed in car accidents and inevitably replaced with their modern equivalent.

So, support your local black and white sign post and buy a commemorative mug or tea towel! … other products are planned. Available at our online store and at various open studio days, markets and fairs throughout the year. For more information and to order please visit Apropos-SHOP.

Some blog exposure here on St Jude’s – All Things Considered also Flatlanders / Retro To Go / Creative Boom / Creative Review / Ben Pentreath’s INSPIRATION Blog

Artist/Designer/Cook Jake Tilson says:
“the perfect mix of type and kitchen”

Novelist/Speechwriter/Ex-Newsreader Joanna Nadin says:
“Loving my Light Traffic Only Saffron Walden nostalgia mugs”

Tea Towel Graphic – #1st Edition

Earthenware Mug Graphic – #1st Edition

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