Lifestyle Test Shoot 19.05.08

Preparing for tomorrow’s shoot. Suzi has just delivered and gone through the outfits with me. The car boot is packed solid… got to get Rich and Ian and their kit in yet. We’re driving to the location this afternoon/ early evening, to get two goes at the evening light. It’s been quite a logistical effort. Location, boat(s), styling, props, models, photographer, and it looks like the weather’s going to be alright. Touch wood. A bit of cloud, a bit of sun, a bit of a breeze, the odd shower and a lovely evening would be perfect…

Got to the location around 7.30pm. Had a quick look round the marina – the evening light’s brilliant there. Headed to the beach and got some landscapes as the sun was going down. Dumped the gear and had dinner at an Italian place. Cup of tea and bed.