ISPO 10 – Munich 08.02.10

“Vision is Now” Design Innovations Hall

Day trip to Munich for the ISPO Wintersports Trade Fair. Perhaps not surprisingly, a lot of environmental communication from brands, and the event itself, with a sustainability/innovation themed hall. Marketing stories have evolved from “how product is made” (ie. new technology and quality of construction) to “how our design knowledge is minimising environmental impact”. In support of this message many brands follow a simplified visual aesthetic implying honesty and reduced waste. Lots of black and white, often combined with a signature material – eg. mirrors, foils, transparent plastics and simple lighting.

Black and white lightboxes displaying energy efficiency and design innovation messages.

Inflated clear plastic modules and a series of white exhibition tents with Bird’s Nest Stadium/ Frank Gehry style wooden constructions poking through the roof. Low-tech communication meets hi-tech product.

Gore-Tex Stand

The Gore-Tex stand drew a lot of attention with walls of products frozen inside blocks of ice.

Product Engineering Process

Some ski and board manufacturers chose to literally demonstrate the manufacturing process.

Marithé + François Girbaud

Distinctive graphics on light box walls that surrounded a simple product focussed stand. Fashion brands drawing on same visual language as technical brands.


Still plenty of brands following the younger skate/surf/ride market with an urban tribal aesthetic. Nike did it better than most with piles of retro TV’s and bold/consistent branding.