Graphic Design Festival Breda 01.03.14

Submissions to an open call for poster designs at the 2014 Graphic Design Festival in Breda. The brief asked professionals, amateurs and students to create posters against an unusual brief whereby participants were invited to adopt the perspective of poet, journalist, scientist or agitator. The posters should offer a perspective on social, economic, ecological and political problems and the challenges/opportunities offered to the creative community. “The poster does not serve as an announcement for the festival, but your design encourages discussion, presents a solution, calls for action or shows a different view on a contemporary challenge that you experience.” Our design chose the theme of the gordian knot as a metaphor for problem solving and the search for innovative solutions.

Sadly our poster was not one of the 50 chosen – the competition attracted 2,100 submissions from 69 countries. The winning posters will be displayed at the festival from April 17 – 27. For the presentation the festival has developed a unique mobile exhibition that will travel along to European festivals after GDFB.