Final Stage 08.08.06

Most of the day spent changing one image on the stage backdrop for Andriy Shevchenko’s launch.
It took ages to re-scan an A3 photocopy at 2000dpi, then to add it to a 4GB layered Photoshop file, measuring 3.5 x 2.5 metres. Then another hour and a half to burn DVD’s. I’ve got a good set-up too – not the very latest but good enough for most situations. G4 with dual processors, with max RAM/hard drive and 250GB external drive. It was like going back to my first Mac where most of your week was spent in grey bar land, watching the graphic chug ever more slowly.

GNP delivered file copies of the folder and stationery. No nasty surprises. Then I worked up Shevchenko’s product cards with new images from Saatchi. Need to update these tomorrow and take to Orange on Thursday, before Thierry’s do. Then just a pdf invite for the web cast and it’s all done… saving any last minute catastrophe…touch wood.