Andriy Shevchenko 14.08.06

Train in to town for midday. Andriy’s launch venue is on the Thames, opposite Battersea Power Station. He scored his first goal for Chelsea yesterday in their 2-1 defeat to Liverpool in the Community Shield. This is a very different venue to Thierry’s. It’s smaller but lighter as all the walls are glass panels. Andriy speaks in Italian so there’s a translation booth and headsets for the audience. The graphics are quite different. No images of Shevchenko yet, his Rbk shoot’s tomorrow, so we were bolder with the text and colour. Pleased with the stage, photocopied type and graphics look good at a larger scale.

Andriy arrived on a speed boat just after 2pm. He walks up a ramp from the river to the waiting photographers. After, there’s a boat ride up the Thames so the press can get shots of Andriy in front of the London Eye and Houses of Parliament, etc.