An Audience with Thierry Henry 10.08.06

Terrorists want to blow up some planes today, so Heathrow is closed. Got into town about 11am. Dropped Shevchenko’s product cards off at Orange. Then down to Thierry’s venue. The event is re-scheduled for 5pm, to allow as many people as possible to find alternate ways into London.

Here’s the window graphic going up at Phonica. Got into a small debate with the venue manager as there was supposed to be two windows with this graphic on.

Thierry arrived and the press launch starteds at 5.30pm. Reebok CEO Paul Harrington started with introduction to the brand and the “i am what i am” campaign. Then Thierry interview with Kirsty Gallagher – what motivates Thierry, his family, London, Arsenal, the media and why he chose to sign with Reebok. Questions from the audience. Photo shoots and one to one interviews …