OUT AND ABOUT! 09.03.22

OUT AND ABOUT! at the Barbican’s Curve gallery presents a variety of materials held by the Bishopsgate Institute charting key moments in the LGBTQ+ communities struggle for equality and social acceptance in the face of persecution and tabloid hysteria surrounding Section 28, the AIDS virus, civil partnerships and the Gender Recognition Act.

The collection includes books, magazines, posters, flyers, badges, demonstration banners, protest signs, items of clothing, photo albums, diaries, scrapbooks and more. A rich and creative visual language used to protest, inform, educate and celebrate diversity. 

Exhibition Design: Martha Rawlinson | Graphic Design: Anna Lincoln

Ivan Cartwright had a long theatre career as actor and director, performing with Bloolips drag troupe in the early 90s in shows including Get Hur, which toured internationally, in solo shows including It Took More Than One Man (1996) and in plays including Sexpress Yourself (1993). He appears in films including Velvet Goldmine (1997) and Alexis Arquette: She’s My Brother (2007). Since 1999 he has appeared as compere at screening of Singalong Sound of Music at the Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square.

The full-length leopard print fur coat belonged to the legendary Black, queer, trans, working class and HIV+ performer, Zsarday Forde, aka ‘Skinny Bitch’. Despite a career that included modelling for Alexander McQueen and Vivienne westwood, she lived a precarious life that tragically ended on her 40th birthday weekend in 2009. Zsarday’s coat was donated to the Museum of Transology by her friend Mzz Kimberley.

The Museum of Transology is committed to proactively saving objects and stories donated by members of the QTIBPoC community. On 27th June 2020, MoT volunteers collected 95 protest signs at the Black Trans Lives Matter rally in London. This ensured that this history didn’t’t slip through the cracks of history; ignored, erased, and forgotten.