Yayoi Kusama – Tate Modern (with kids) 16.02.12

The Kusama show is brilliant for kids – they especially loved the giant red and white inflated balls, the polka-dot covered room with UV light and went ballistic in the Obliteration Room where visitors are given a sheet of stickers with free rein to put them where they like. The idea of encouraging children into galleries and museums has really gathered pace in the last couple of years with many more organisations offering workshops and events specifically created for children. Great for the galleries and great for parents. Probably.

As a kiddy friendly gallery Tate Modern takes some beating. Last time we visited @Tate_Kids twittered an invite to August asking him to create a an entry for their blog (do some drawings) and consequently rewarded him with a tidy package of Tate goodies. For kids art is now a fun doing thing, not a tedious standing around being quiet for hours on end ordeal. It’s not quite the same experience for us grown-ups of course, but is better than not going at all. I will need a proper look on my own.