Vincent Skoglund: Composition of Extraction 23.05.11

Vincent Skoglund left Sweden in the early 90’s to work around the world as a snowboard photographer for brands including Burton, Adidas and WeSC. I met Vincent in 97 when we worked on the Salomon Snowboard brand.

Over the last 7 years Vincent has worked on a personal project in the woods around his childhood home of Falun. The collection of images use the skills learned photographing in challenging mountain locations to “illuminates nature in a new take, exploring the human urge for taking control over the environment.”. “Just like the old English proverb ‘you can’t go home again’, this summer’s photo exhibition at Dalarnas museum is about the philosophical question if you really can return back home.”

Vincent’s show opened on Saturday at Dalarnas Museum and runs until August 14th.