The Picture Book 06.01.07

Michelle’s copy of The Picture Book finally arrived. Her work’s on the first 4 pages. It features her record cover for the band Headway and various illustrations for The Guardian. Michelle’s sort of a superstar illustrator and her work’s been in loads of UK, US and Asian design books and magazines like this for the past ten years.

This is the latest compendium by Pentagram partner Angus Hyland. His books have become required reading for design/illustration students and professionals around the world. This volume claims to represent the state of illustration internationally. Europe and North America – Yes. Eastern Europe and Asia – less so. In any case it’s likely to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The art and design publishing market is massive. As students have a limitless appetite for such material, the degree shows this summer will certainly be influenced. Also, it’s easier for practicing designers to sell an illustrator with an industry profile to a client, rather than an unknown. That’s why creatives, spend so much time and money getting into annuals, magazines and competitions like Images, Creative Review, D&AD, etc.

There’s a lot of work in this book that corresponds to the graphics proposed for Rbk Football’s next season. Not saying which examples but there’s a definite style/attitude that pervades a lot of the work and the visual language will sit very comfortably amongst it.