The Long Dark – Kettle’s Yard 29.07.10

My heart is a kingdom, where the king is hurt, 2010 – Peter Linde Busk

The exhibition at Kettle’s Yard looks at the revival of medieval aesthetics and processes in contemporary art. 9 emerging artists, combining industrial processes with traditional crafts. “Carnivalesque colours and pattern reveal a rich mixture of medieval and modern references. Allusions to church architecture and stained glass can be found in sculpture by Kalin Lindena and paintings by Bernd Ribbeck. Heraldry, harlequins and abstract motifs are evoked in the work of Simon Bill, Nicholas Byrne and Peter Linde Busk. Elsewhere, Maria Loboda, Raphael Danke, Eva Berendes and Alexandra Bircken variously draw influence from occultism, folk art and handcraft, Bauhaus design, Surrealism and New Age aesthetics.”

Peter Linde Busk

Alexandra Bircken

Kalin Lindena

Maria Loboda’s ‘Poisonous’ wall drawing