Susan Hiller – Tate Britain 03.02.11

Hiller was born in the US and moved to Britain in the early 70’s. She works in a variety of media including film, sound, assemblage, collections and mark making. In simple terms she collects things – sounds, images, postcards and items imbued with personal meaning. The elements are combined and re-presented in new contexts.

Dedicated to the Unknown Artists

A collection of vintage English seaside postcards, depicting stormy seas.

From the Freud Museum

A series of cardboard boxes framing individual themed collections of items – a personal anthropological museum.

Psi Girls

Popular films of girls with telekinetic powers (inc. The Craft, Firestarter) are shown across a wall of 5 screens. The film is colourised with filters. “The soundtrack featuring the drumming and rhythmic clapping of a gospel choir, reaches a crescendo at this point, a familiar cinematic device to increase tension, only to end abruptly with a period of white noise”


A dark room filled with speakers hanging from the ceiling. Each speaker broadcasts the personal testimony of an encounter with UFO’s or alien.

Belshazzar’s Feast, The Writing on your Wall

Produced following newspaper reports of apparitions appearing on TV screens immediately after broadcasting transmissions ended at midnight. Explanations included electrical interference, outer space projections, and ghosts. The work confronts the denial of imagination and fantasy.