Skater Boys 16.10.06

This evening I went for a walk about with my camera. Went to the town car park roof for the first time in years, should have occured to me to try there earlier. Bingo, lots of kids practicing on their skateboards. Sometimes feel a bit guilty photographing school age kids, like maybe I should ask their parents. But, I’m giving them some sets of prints and all the files on CD so they can use them as they like. So not a bad deal, I’m not David Bailey but it’s cost them nothing. That’s OK I think.

There was a group of 6/7 skaters, apparently there had been more earlier. Same 3 or 4 in these shots as they were the most enthusiastic and so made the best subjects. They were brilliant. Strange how the younger ones were up for having their photo taken straight away. The older ones are much slower to get involved… not sure if it’s cool or not.