Shiva Feshareki at Kettle’s Yard 23.01.15

Kettle’s Yard launched a new music series last night with Shiva Feshareki. Performing with a piano, clarinet, trumpet, cello, double bass and singer, Feshareki uses turntables and distortion equipment to create an intense, energetic and absorbing experience.

Her programme of six pieces included Manic Pixie Dream Girl Рintroduced with a story spoken by Feshareki followed by a duet between piano (Katherine Tinker) and clarinet (Harry Cameron-Penny). Jemima’s Sita and Peter a fairytale written by an 8 year old girl and very humorously read by the clarinet player Harry before he performed a piece inspired by the story and written in a child-like graphic musical annotation style created by Shevareki. A new piece inspired by the current Ian Hamilton Finlay РBeauty & Revolution show Revolutions dethrone Kings and enthrone columns and watering cans included all players. Lastly, the lights were turned out for a piece written on the Italian volcano Stromboli For Jack (Volcano) played on turntables and a light-sensitive instrument created specially for Feshareki.

Not easy listening in the very best of ways and left wanting more. Future concerts include a world premiere by the London Sinfonietta of her large scale work, in collaboration with installation artist Haroon Mirza titled: ‘a surround-sound piece for 8 prepared turntables, 9 instruments, video and LEDs’.
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