Russell Watson 06.08.06

Continued setting out Shevchenko venue graphics. It would be nice if no one decides to change the sizes tomorrow. Sent out a few quotes and other bits and pieces. This evening August, Michelle, Michelle’s Mum, Michelle’s Aunt and I are all off to Audley End for their annual Last Night of the Proms concert, with special guest Russell Watson. Yes, I know. Not the coolest event but as I said last week, it’s only up the road and it’s nice to sit outside, have a drink and enjoy the evening with a bit of music.

The Last Night of the Proms is quite an event. Some people reeally go for it with full evening gear, table cloths, Union Jacks and candelabra. Pissed eccentric posh people are always good for a laugh. There’s usually a great atmosphere and kids love it. Land of Hope and Glory with the fireworks at the end. Very British. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

The SAGA louts got a bit out of hand at the end.