Objectified 27.10.09

I watched my copy of Gary Hustwit’s latest design related film last night (the free tote bag by Build has been in active service for over a week now). His first film, Helvetica, was about graphic design and visual communication. Objectified looks at the objects that surround us and talks to the people who design them. Well worth a look, beautifully shot, but no surprises. Helvetica was a far more insightful and influential project – a contributing factor in the growing trend for full stops in brand slogans. This is simpler than Helvetica, which felt like a film for practicing designers, whereas Objectified feels like a primer for first year design students. A large part of the film is not surprisingly given over to Apple’s Jonathan Ive and his inspiration Dieter Rams. Also Marc Newson and various from IDEO. There’s one more film in the trilogy to follow.