MISCHIEF – Lucia Nogueira 27.01.11

Brazilian artist Lucia Nogueira had a ten year career before her death at 48 in 1998. She lived in the UK and had previously worked as a journalist and photographer. She described the process use to create her work is “empirical”. I had to look the term up… it means that information is gained by observation, experience and experiment. By contrast she saw European art as more linear, due to a long artistsic heritage.

“My way of thinking is very much from Brazil: my way of picking up objects comes from there too. It is something connected with childhood and also with the Brazilian psyche. Our way of thinking is not as linear as it is in Europe … In art you obviously have a background in art history that is very rich. We don’t have that in Brazil at all … We just do everything in a very empirical way, even art.”

This show of Lucia Nogueira sculptures and drawings runs until March 13th at Kettle’s Yard Cambridge.

Hide and Seek, 1997 – fridge-freezer, packing material, framed photograph

Full Stop, 1993 – steel post, wooden cable drum

Untitled, 1989 – metal, glass lenses, gauze

Untitled, 1992 – wooden cupboard, siver paint, stripped drink cans
Kirkland Collection, London

Mischief, 1995 – wooden chair, plastic bin liners

Stills from Smoke, 1996 – B&W 16mm film, sound, 5 minutes