Michael Rothenstein RA Four Decades of Printmaking 15.09.09

Clench (1969)

At the small but perfectly formed Fry Art Gallery … up the road. He was one of the Bardfield group of artists working prolifically from the mid-40’s until 1992. He died in 93.

Rothenstein initially worked in lino and wood before experimenting with printing from other objects. As the Fry says – “He used a variety of objects – metal, plaster, fabric – anything that could be coated in ink, and from this went on to introduce an early interplay of photographic images in prints. ”

Linocut, Screenprint

Other News: CANABALT Found this dangerous little bastard thanks to Gordon Comstock.

Red, Blue and Brown (1965)
Two Circle Series


Tournament (1963)

Linocut, Woodcut