Magali Reus – Particle of Inch 28.09.15

Magali Reus “draws her subjects from the unassuming details of everyday life, from domestic an crafted objects to industrial design, colliding the messy residues of human activity with the clean-cut surfaces of mass production.” Detailed and technical re-creations of pavements with reproduced found-like objects. The exhibition info sheets says Reus “is drawn to the street curb – the threshold between road and pavement with its inherently transitory nature… often acting as a receptacle for the discarded or lost.” These meter square three dimensional recreations are abstracted, extruded photographs. Objects and graphics combine and form patterns. Not simply collecting or recording but editing, selecting, re-scaling and re-presenting – picking out the key elements.

The outside gallery walls support a series of oversized, inside-out pad-locks. Their complicate mechanisms are exposed. The news scale means they could be out of date computer hard-drives, or children’s toys maybe. They feel familiar and a little old fashioned, like a grey 1950’s vision of the future with rounded corners.