Upside Down / Inside Out 04.08.09

Impingement No. 42 – Gary Woodley

…Kettle’s Yard house and gallery exhibition. Swapped some pieces around and brought other items out of storage. Plus a series of specially commissioned pieces in the house.

Brac – Richard Wentworth

Broken and re-assembled glass and ceramics on the piano. Geometric linear patterns on the walls.

Pink Room – Michael Craig-Martin

Walls re-painted in bubblegum pink with a chair. This room’s usually painted white and joins 2 more impressive larger spaces. The whole exhibition is designed to make visitors look at the house less as a museum-home and more as a living-gallery space. The works are graphic and contemporary but with a domestic theme… projectors, digital photo frames, radiogram converted to interactive music/sound generator, smashed kitchenware and groups of broken twisted vending machine cups and stirrers.


…turn the knobs to create various sound/music combinations – by David Sheppard.

Trilogy: Kettle’s Yard – Jayne Parker

with cellist Anton Lukoszevieze.