Gone With The Wind at Raven Row 30.06.11

Takehisa Kosugi: Mano-Dharma, electronic, 1967/2011

Finally made it back to Raven Row gallery for the first time since their Jet Age Compendium Paolozzi show. Gone With The Wind is an exhibition which brings together three sound art pioneers: Max Eastley, Takehisa Kosugi and Walter Marchetti. The gallery comprises a large open space on the ground floor, plus a series of rooms on the second and third floors. The structure of the gallery/house with individual rooms suits the sound works, creating separate intimate areas to concentrate on individual projects without distraction. On the top floor is a group show curated by Resonance104.4FM, who also broadcast live from the ground floor. Really interesting and varied exhibition which runs until 17th July.

(Above) Radio receivers, radio frequency transmitters, strings, electric fans & DVD projectors.

Takehisa Kosugi: Pulses, 2008

Acrylic boards with piezo transducers, cables, effects pedals & amplifiers.

Max Eastley: The Lamp, 2011

Mixed media acoustic composition.

Walter Marchetti: Musica da camera n. 182, 1989/2011

Baby Grand piano, E10 light bulbs, E10 bulb holders, cable, transformers. First realised by Walter Marchetti at the Fondazione Mudima, Milan, 1990.

Walter Marchetti: Musica da camera n. 211, 1990/2011

Toilet rolls
First realised by Walter Marchetti at Spazio Ex Ansaldo, Milan, 1991 (on the occasion of Milanopoesia)

Walter Marchetti: J’aimerais jouer avec un piano qui aurait une grosse queue, 1975

ZAJ concert, Spazio Fiorucci, Milan, 13 May 1975
Performer: Juan Hidalgo | Photograph by Silvia Lelli

Walter Marchetti: ZAJ promotion cards

Resonance104.4FM: Resonance Open