Geoff Dunbar: Ubu (1978) 04.09.09

Ubu is a 20 minute long animated version of Alfred Jarry’s 1896 play Ubu Roi. It won a lot of international awards at the time. Jerky splashy black ink line on white background with primary colour elements. The dialogue is a kind of guttural growling noise, no words, some speach bubbles. It’s violent… a bit like Ralph Steadman or Gerald Scarfe but much simpler. At least that’s how I remember it because despite searching the usual suspects I couldn’t find it. No film on YouTube. No DVD, no book on Amazon. No VHS on Ebay. I followed the contact link on Dunbar’s site and he wrote back – it’s available on DVD direct from him for £30 (comes with his other French film Lautrec).

All images © Copyright Geoff Dunbar.