Gabriel Orozko – Tate Modern 03.02.11

Orozko works in New York, Mexico and Paris. Like Susan Hiller, he uses a variety of medium and collects objects to create his work. He records transient scenes and found items in a fragile state, eg. photograph of deflated football filled with rain water, or tracks made by bicycle tyres through a puddle. Many of his sculptures exist only as photographic images.

Black Kites – 1997

Created from a found skull while convalescing from collapsed lung.

La DS – 1993

Sourcing a Citro├źn DS from a Paris scrapyard, Orozko cut the car in 3 parts and removed the central area. The engine was removed to create a single-seat version.

Elevator – 1994

Saved from a demolished building in Chicago – again cut into 3 sections, the middle part removed, before re-assembling to suit Orozko’s height.

Lintels – 2001

Skin, hair and fabric fibres accumulate inside the filters of drying machines. Collected from machines in a New York laundromat and hung like clothes on a washing line. First exhibited in New York in the aftermath of 9/11.

Chicotes – 2010

Remnants of burst tyres collected from Mexican highways over several years. Specially imported for the Tate show and arranged in response to the specific gallery space.