Design Museum Fear & Love 12.12.16

Following a relocation from Shad Thames to High Street Kensington, the Design Museum re-opened in November. A vast space with greatly expanded facilities and potential.

Fear & Love is a collection of provocative installations by architects and designers, reacting to complex global issues including how we live, the role of technology, and modern society. The show aims to hi light the role of the designer in urgent debate, not simply commerce and culture. Particularly OMA/AMO‘s reaction to Brexit The Pan-European Living Room a room set of products and designs sourced from the 28 member states of the European Union. Madeline Gannon‘s Mimus a mechanical arm with an eye that follows viewers as they walk round its enclosure. Columbian collective Arquitectura Expanded presents Potokcinema a recreation of a school built in Bogota from bamboo, housing vox-pop style videos from students. Metahaven from Amsterdam present A Love Letter to Sea Shepherd the marine conservation and anti-whaling group.

The novel way-finding systems and materials used throughout the gallery were particularly interesting, and will likely become influential if not prescriptive.

Permanent Collection: Designer Maker User
A series of displays and work areas using a variety of materials to present information and objects. Floor-to-ceiling revolving billboard display, graphic walls, modular hanging displays and individual information panels.

Dedicated showroom area for a roster of designer makers to show their work. The residency has a distinct graphic identity with fluro-red colour.