Creative Mischief 16.12.09

I read a lot of advertising blogs. But the one I find the most interesting and useful is Dave Trott’s Blog. His new book “Creative Mischief” is a collection of observations on creativity, problem solving and personal experiences of the ad industry. I read it cover to cover this afternoon. There are lots of ad bloggers – some are very funny but many more follow a resentful and downright vicious model. Dave Trott’s approach is very different. His posts are calm and objective which seems to set a standard of behaviour for any subsequent discussion. There’s barely a cross word in the comments section… I can’t think of another blog with such an unstated convention of respect. He’s sort of become a surrogate college tutor – the popular one with a steady queue of students outside his door, who’s tutorials are over subscribed and who’d probably join you for a beer afterwards.