Anish Kapoor 22.10.09

Tall Tree and the Eye – 2009

I noticed the stack of perfectly polished speheres when at White Cube a couple of weeks ago. The courtyard is a great spot for it with the classical architecture of the Royal Accademy on all sides and framed by the entrance arch as you walk along Piccadilly. The polished mirror surfaces really throw your perspective – like a seaside hall of mirrors only more extreme. Walking between the various convex and concave Non-object series I felt disoriented, as if drunk. I wanted to use the objects to navigate the room but the altered perspective made it difficult. Same with Yellow – a huge coloured surface. The program says “A great belly recedes deep into the (false) wall, and we find ourselves struggling to rationalise the incongruity between what we know to be concave, and what we perceive as convex.”

Shooting into the Corner – 2008-09

The fairground spectacle continues with this crowd pleaser – a gas powered cannon firing a core of blood red wax through a doorway every 20 minutes. The RA takes a beating with wax splattered up the usually pristine white walls, coving and glass ceiling.

Svayambh runs through 5 galleries. “A vast block of red wax moves very slowly, almost imperceptably, along tracks.” The massive block is shaped by it’s passage through the classical doorways, leaving a thick residue. Kapoor’s smaller work is also on display but it’s the ambitious technically impressive installations that steal the show. Amazing.

Also Jim Goldberg Open See and Sara Ramo Movable Places at The Photographer’s Gallery. The Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons. Drinks with Marco at the Charles Lamb in Angel.