Andy Holden’s Chewy Cosmos Thingly Time 02.06.11

Laws of Motion In a Cartoon Landscape (Trailer) – Andy Holden & Tyler Woolcott

Took Gus to Andy Holden’s show “Chewy Cosmos Thingly Time” at Kettle’s Yard. Mounds of chewing gum-like blobs of builder’s plaster – the leftovers of this process also stuck to beer bottles. A series of decorated bowls made from gramophone records hang from the ceiling on chains. Also video, animation, music and painting. Knitted fruit in seaside arcade grabber machines. A room-set with book shelves, ornaments, birds nests – Holden’s father was the ornithologist Peter Holden and the two collaborate on bird themed performances.

Andy Holden is a young British artist and this show brings a broad cross-section of his work together for the first time. The exhibition reflects his experimental un-precious approach, happily mixing processes and improvising with commonly available materials. Holden designs his own exhibition posters/communication and produces affordable editions/merchandise – tea towel + calogue = £8. 7″ vinyl record by Holden’s band The Grubby Mitts £5. Googly-eye fluffy bug £1.

Above is a trailer for the lunchtime talk/performance at Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge. Andy Holden and Tyler Woolcott. 7th July 2011. Music from Standards by Tortoise. The show runs until July 10th.

Double Desk (for Dan) 2011

Claw Grabber Machines

Plaster stalagmites and painted bowls

Beerbottle Stalagmite

Beerbottle Stalagmite

Untitled (Make Up Collage)

Untitled (Eyes in Space Series)

Library for the Unfinished Concept of Thingly Time

Catalogue, 7″ Record and Bug

Catalogue spread