Aid & Abet at NW Cambs 27.11.14

Aid and Abet are six months into a year long residency with Cambridge University at the North West Cambridge development. The studio is at Gravel Hill Farm, on the site of a 150 hectare development on the outskirts of Cambridge. The plan is to build a sustainable, mixed use and diverse community. An ambitious long-term project focusing on design, urban planning and a fundamental appreciation of the natural environment – one third of the site will remain open space. The North West Cambridge Public Art Programme responds to the location itself, the needs of those who will live and work in the new development, and existing communities.

Sarah Evans, CJ Mahony and David Kefford founded Aid & Abet in 2010. They have run a variety of projects and events across the UK, at locations in Cambridge and from a dedicated gallery space close to the railways station. David and Sarah are working with the department of Land Economy, filming, drawing and collecting objects from the site, observing the changing landscape and recording it on their blog The Soft Landscape. The studio houses their work as it developes – an ebb and flow of sculpture and drawings.